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Tokenomica is the new wave in finance where you can create, buy, sell, and trade digital assets using the best elements of traditional financial markets and technology.


Marketplace: Buy and Sell Digital Assets Exchange (VFA licensed); Trade digital assets and fiat currencies with ease, confidence, and transparency; Eliminate the middleman using blockchain technology: your funds are in your wallet, GDPR compliant KYC built-in. Security tokens Exchange (MiFID Cat. 3 licensed) Bridge the gap between existing digital assets and securities: simple, secure and transparent operations combined with investor protection, compliance, brokerage, and custody; Get started with investing in compliant high quality and approved digital assets. ISSUE: Your digital assets on the blockchain. Simple. Transparent. Safe. Fully compliant security token offerings made easy, secure and available online on our exchange.

STO Details

  • Pre-sale start date TBA
  • Pre-sale end date TBA
  • Pre-sale token supply
Token Sale
  • STO start date Oct 28, 2019
  • STO end date Dec 15, 2019
  • STO token supply
  • Soft cap TBA
  • Hard cap size TBA
Token details
  • Ticker TKN
  • Type ERC20
  • Additional Token Emission No
  • Accepted Currencies BTC
  • Token distribution Smart Contract
  • Country Limitations
  • Registration Country Malta
  • Registration Year 2018
Rating Review and Analytics
  • Investment Rating
  • Traction Low
  • Risk Score
Tokenomica Contacts
Ended 1645 days before TBA
  • Start STO Oct 28, 2019
  • End STO Dec 15, 2019
  • Funding type
  • Token TKN
  • Price
  • Minimum investment
  • Product Type Digital Asset
  • KYC Yes
  • Whitepaper View

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