Mt Pelerin

Finance, Investment


Mt Pelerin is creating a new bank* on blockchain that will connect people and businesses in whole new ways: as their own personal investment bank.


With Mt Pelerin, we are creating a new bank that will restore its original purpose: serving the real economy, the one creating jobs and growth, and safeguarding its clients'​ property. To do so, we are building a full reserve bank in Switzerland, where your deposits will always be safe and won't be used for the profit of others. Once your money will be in the safest bank account ever, you will have access to unprecedented financing and investment possibilities in a few clicks. With them, we want to empower you with real control over your finance and a direct, meaningful impact on what you believe in, whether it's a local business or a startup at the other end of the world.

STO Details

  • Pre-sale start date TBA
  • Pre-sale end date TBA
  • Pre-sale token supply
Token Sale
  • STO start date TBA
  • STO end date TBA
  • STO token supply 500,000
  • Soft cap TBA
  • Hard cap size $2,500,000
Token details
  • Ticker MPS
  • Type ERC20
  • Additional Token Emission No
  • Accepted Currencies
  • Token distribution Smart Contract
  • Country Limitations China
  • Registration Country Switzerland
  • Registration Year 2016
Rating Review and Analytics
  • Investment Rating
  • Traction Low
  • Risk Score
Mt Pelerin Contacts
TBA $2,500,000
  • Start STO TBA
  • End STO TBA
  • Funding type
  • Token MPS
  • Price $5.00
  • Minimum investment $1,000
  • Product Type Digital Asset
  • KYC Yes

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