SelfieYo Gold Token

Social Services


SelfieYo Chat is a location-based social chat application that is live on iOS and Android. SGT is an ERC20 token for the SelfieYo Chat ecosystem.


The vision is to provide an easy-to-use, highly scalable, hybrid DApp solution where users have the choice of using the default features without crypto or unlocking premium features with crypto. SGT will be the payment mechanism to take advantage of additional features. We believe that in order for any DApp (and cryto as a broader community) to have massive adoption beyond the current population of enthusiasts and developers, we must build something remarkable that provides value to the masses. That is the goal of SelfieYo Gold Token. We are focused on delivering value to hyper-local communities through photo chat, video messaging and social discovery. The human appetite for meaningful connections on a local basis is never fully satisfied and there is plenty of room to provide a better experience, a more relevant experience, than what exists today. There is a major opportunity to re-invent social in a way that provides better data ownership options and ad opt-out capabilities to users - but cannot come at the expense of a delightful user experience designed for a global audience.

STO Details

  • Pre-sale start date Jul 01, 2018
  • Pre-sale end date Sep 30, 2018
  • Pre-sale token supply
Token Sale
  • STO start date Oct 01, 2018
  • STO end date Dec 30, 2018
  • STO token supply 100,000,000
  • Soft cap TBA
  • Hard cap size $2,000,000
Token details
  • Ticker SGT
  • Type ERC20
  • Additional Token Emission No
  • Accepted Currencies
  • Token distribution Smart Contract
  • Country Limitations
  • Registration Country United States
  • Registration Year 2018
Rating Review and Analytics
  • Investment Rating
  • Traction Low
  • Risk Score
SelfieYo Gold Token Contacts
Ended 1970 days before $2,000,000
  • Start STO Oct 01, 2018
  • End STO Dec 30, 2018
  • Funding type
  • Token SGT
  • Price 1 SGT = 0.001 ETH
  • Minimum investment
  • Product Type Digital Asset
  • KYC Yes

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