Poligy offers solutions for low temperature waste heat. We develop heat engines that are powered by our patented material - the Bipolymer. This innovative material is the principle that allows us to effectively convert heat into electricity at a fraction


Based in Dusseldorf, our solutions can increase the energy efficiency of all energy intensive processes, e.g. energy plants, chemical manufacturing, steel and cement production, etc. To achieve our goal of building a sustainable future, poligy is currently working on passive data cooling solution that would reduce up to 50% of a data center's operational costs and replacing the need for energy intensive cooling systems.

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  • Pre-sale start date TBA
  • Pre-sale end date TBA
  • Pre-sale token supply
Token Sale
  • STO start date TBA
  • STO end date TBA
  • STO token supply
  • Soft cap TBA
  • Hard cap size TBA
Token details
  • Ticker PLG
  • Type ERC20
  • Additional Token Emission No
  • Accepted Currencies
  • Token distribution Smart Contract
  • Country Limitations
  • Registration Country Germany
  • Registration Year 2018
Rating Review and Analytics
  • Investment Rating
  • Traction Low
  • Risk Score
poligy GmbH Contacts
  • Start STO TBA
  • End STO TBA
  • Funding type
  • Token PLG
  • Price
  • Minimum investment
  • Product Type
  • KYC No

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