GG World Lottery

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Fully licensed, government-regulated, global and national online lotteries with draw transparency based on Ethereum Smart Contracts.


We are a team of industry experts united together towards the common purpose of creating the biggest, fully transparent lottery game and lottery show ever made. We create and manage the software of multiple national lotteries. We operate the best white label lottery intermediary software called WhiteLotto. Thirty years of experience in the lottery industry and dozen years of experience in online software have given us a nice head start to bring you fully transparent, decentralized, blockchain based, online lottery software that powers up multiple government-regulated lotteries and the biggest lottery across the globe - GG World Lottery. We do not leave the old-school lotteries alone. We are here to fully cover the lottery world by providing the white labeled lottery intermediary software that connects the local lotteries with the rest of the online world.

STO Details

  • Pre-sale start date Jul 01, 2018
  • Pre-sale end date Nov 30, 2018
  • Pre-sale token supply
Token Sale
  • STO start date Nov 30, 2018
  • STO end date Mar 31, 2019
  • STO token supply 12,726,083
  • Soft cap $5,000,000
  • Hard cap size $12,726,083
Token details
  • Ticker GGC
  • Type ERC20
  • Additional Token Emission No
  • Accepted Currencies Fiat, BTC, ETH
  • Token distribution Smart Contract
  • Country Limitations United States
  • Registration Country Virgin Islands, British
  • Registration Year 2018
Rating Review and Analytics
  • Investment Rating
  • Traction
  • Risk Score
GG World Lottery Contacts
Ended 1879 days before $12,726,083
  • Start STO Nov 30, 2018
  • End STO Mar 31, 2019
  • Funding type
  • Token GGC
  • Price 1 USD
  • Minimum investment 100 USD
  • Product Type Digital Asset
  • KYC Yes
  • Whitepaper View

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